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The journalist harshly criticized the public signal and the government due to the decision that, without opening any tender, granted the television rights solely to TVN.

Sports journalist Juan Cristóbal Guarello experienced a moment of relief in the middle of T13 Central on Wednesday night, after the communicator was launched against TVN being the only channel that will broadcast the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games.

The public signal was awarded the rights to the meeting in a unique way, a fact that Channel 13 showed annoyance at the decision of the Santiago 2023 Corporation, Pan American Games, to not bidding for television rights.

Juan Cristóbal Guarello’s criticism of TVN

It all happened on the central news, when Guarello mentioned: “About Minister Benado and the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games, I want to say something. I must admit that I am an interested party, I have a vested interest, because I wanted to broadcast the Pan American GamesI wanted to be there”.

Thus, the also sports commentator recalled his experience in Rio 2007 and Guadalajara 2011, noting that “unfortunately, to an extent that I do not understand what technical basis it hasthe government has unilaterally handed over the transmission rights to TVN, leaving all the other channels out without putting anything out to tender”.

“Beyond the numbers, the sports and visibility prejudice of the Pan American Games will be very great, because there are more than 40 sports and there are many simultaneous ones”he began by saying.

He also assured that “there are going to be many Chileans fighting for medals simultaneously, and a single channel is not going to be able to transmit it”.

So, Guarello compared the state decision with the governments of other countries, where they choose to broadcast the Pan American Games on at least two open channels. “Each channel broadcast a different sport, except for some really agglutinating ones”he remembered.

“By handing over the rights to Televisión Nacional and leaving all the other channels out, The possibility of people joining this competition will be greatly diminished and to this, which is the most important sporting event in the history of Chile since the 1962 soccer world championship,” he continued.

Guarello also added that “the Pan American Games have cost us blood, twice we had to resign. We were a pariah country within PASO and now that it has them, its visibility is thus restricted”.

This is because “in addition it is not only a sporting event, it is also cultural and is lived in the streetsand if you restrict it in this way, it’s not really going to have the deployment and visibility that it requires, needs and claims.”

a media coverage

In mid-September, Channel 13 issued a letter evidencing annoyance at the decision not to bid for the television rights and deliver them directly to TVN. The letter was also addressed to the National Economic Prosecutor and Comptroller.

“According to what has been made public in the press and in different media, your client decided to directly assign these sports rights to TVN to ‘democratize’ sport and due to TVN’s ‘operational advantage’ of reaching the entire national territory”they indicated in a note signed by Cristián Núñez Pacheco, Director of New Business and Technology at Channel 13.

“However, if those were the arguments to assign the rights to TVN, we are forced to represent you through this letter that we do not share them and that they must be reviewed. Indeed, Channel 13 has coverage throughout the country, with a total of 191 concessions from Arica to Antarctica. In addition, it should be noted that the channel has a population coverage equivalent to that of TVN”, they added then.

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