Goalkeeper injured in Chile derby due to fireworks

Universidad de Chile goalkeeper Martin Parra sustained an ear injury while recovering in hospital after being hit by fireworks during a Chilean soccer cup match against local rival Universidad Católica on Wednesday.

The cameras captured the moment three fireworks exploded near Barra, 22, who fell to the ground with his hands over his ears, before he got out on a stretcher and was taken to a hospital in Santiago.

The incident occurred after Cattolica scored in the second leg of the quarter-finals to make the match 1-1, and the referee stopped the match after only four minutes of its start.

“His condition is stable, he is in good shape and under observation,” said Universidad de Chile coach Sebastian Miranda. He is very shocked, but the important thing is that he is in good health and examinations will continue.

Universidad de Chile called on the local federation of the game to impose the “heaviest penalty” on Cattolica, as the match was supposed to take place without an audience due to repeated incidents of misconduct.

Cattolica condemned the incident, and said in a statement: “We would like to express our solidarity with Martin Parra and his family.” We wish him a speedy recovery and return to the field.

Police said they arrested two people in the stadium after the incident.

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