Guillermo Lasso divides the Ministry of Government and creates the Ministry of the Interior, with Francisco Jiménez and Patricio Carrillo as ministers

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President Guillermo Lasso divided the Ministry of Government and created the Ministry of the Interior, with Francisco Jiménez and Patricio Carrillo as ministers. And he thanked Alexandra Vela, who resigned on Tuesday night.

In a ceremony held this afternoon at the Carondelet Presidential Palace, Lasso swore in the former Assemblyman Francisco Jiménez as his new Minister of Government and former police chief Patricio Carrillo as head of the Interior portfolio.

The president explained that he decided to divide the Ministry of Government in two so that each area assumes specific competencies.

The Ministry of Government will be in charge exclusively of political relations, negotiations of the Executive with the National Assembly, with local governments and with social organizations.

The Ministry of the Interior, for its part, will be exclusively in charge of guaranteeing public safety, Lasso explained.

The ruler added that with these appointments are sought to “strengthen the ranks of the Government” and generate bridges of dialogue with the different parliamentary groups and social sectors, without neglecting the generation of citizen security strategies.

The president finally thanked Alexandra Vela, who resigned on Tuesday night as head of the Ministry of Government due to discrepancies with Lasso, as she admitted in her resignation letter.

Vela defended the possibility that the Government would assume a constitutional prerogative known as “crusader death”, by which the Executive can dissolve the Legislative Assembly only once, but call early general elections.

This possibility also allows the Executive to govern through the issuance of decree-laws, under the control of the Constitutional Court.

Vela considered that this constitutional clause could be applied after the National Assembly denied and shelved an Executive project to promote investment, considered emblematic by Lasso to conduct his economic development strategy.

Lasso did not refer to the discrepancies with Vela, whom he thanked, but said that in his administration dialogue will prevail as a form of management.

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