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The first “Beautiful Village Basketball League” finals in Guizhou Province was held in Taipan Village, Taijiang County on March 26. In the final, the Qiandongnan team played against the Zunyi team. In the end, Qiandongnan won the championship with a score of 79:69 at home.

In fact, the results of the game are not the focus, but the audience outside the stadium is more eye-catching. Although the game was played at an outdoor venue in the remote mountainous area of ​​Guizhou, more than 20,000 people were recorded to watch it, and some even came from Zhejiang Province, which is 1,650 kilometers away. In order to occupy a favorable position, many people did not hesitate to rent long ladders, causing many hardware stores in the county to rent out all the ladders.

“Beautiful Village Basketball League” is commonly known as “Village BA”, founded by Yan Jiagui, known as “Guizhou Westbrook”. Yan Jiagui loves basketball and holds rural basketball games in the backyard of his home. “Westbrook” even raised RMB 50,000 to organize a filming team and live broadcast the game online. Due to the good publicity, the game became very popular, and many “rural basketball stars” were created, including “Guizhou Kobe”, “Guizhou Onier” and “Guizhou Dulante” (Durant). Guizhou “Village BA” held more than 4,000 basketball games within half a year, with nearly 2,500 teams participating. And this finals can be said to be the peak of the craze.

“Guizhou Kobe” and “Guizhou Ao Nier”
“Guizhou Ao Ni Er” Douyin fans reached 580,000

Many supporters of “village BA” believe that this kind of rural basketball game is purer and more passionate than professional games dominated by commercial sponsorship, so they will support it without hesitation.

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