Gunshot wounded medical student in robbery

The event was recorded on Calle 27 with Carrera 15, behind the Sena Comercial, moments when the young man was traveling on foot and was intercepted by the gunmen on a motorcycle.

Despite the fact that local authorities take measures to attack the scourge of insecurity that has plagued not only the Samarian community but also university students, a young man was injured during a robbery in the urban perimeter of Santa Marta.

The affected person was reported as Jassel Rojas Suárez, a medical student at the Cooperative University of Colombia UCC, to whom the criminals gave him six traumatic firearm impacts for opposing the theft of his personal belongings.

Information provided unofficially by the authorities indicates that the event occurred at about 2:45 in the afternoon, on Calle 27 with Carrera 15, behind the Sena Comercial. It was learned that, at a time when the young university student was moving on foot through the sector, he was intercepted by two strangers on a motorcycle, who demanded that he hand over all his belongings, however, he objected and a struggle was recorded.

Minutes later, one of the criminals reacted and shot him six times with a traumatic type firearm, one in the abdomen, one in the area of ​​the left ear, one in the back, one in the chest and two more in the right arm. .

Without wasting time, the affected person was helped by residents of the sector and bystanders who noticed the situation, and took him to the emergency room of the Julio Méndez Barreneche hospital, where his wounds were sutured and he was left under observation by the specialists on duty. .

After committing the criminal act, the gunmen fled, while agents of the Judicial Police traveled to the scene to carry out the investigations that will clarify the true circumstances in which the attack occurred.


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