Hackers avenged Navalny’s death – 2024-04-05 20:20:34

According to CNN, a group of hackers managed to breach the computer network connected to the Russian prison system.

Apart from posting a message in favor of the deceased Alexei Navalnyhis fierce critic Putinthe hackers also reportedly stole a huge amount of data.

During the cyberattack last February, a few hours after the announcement of Navalny’s death, hackers changed the prices in the online store of the Russian prison system, where they buy food (pasta, canned goods, etc.) for the imprisoned relatives them, reducing them to one ruble, which corresponds to one cent on the dollar.

The hackers also posted a message on the website with Navalny’s photo, praising him.

And they noted in Russian: “We, IT specialists, have left today’s Russia.

We love our country and will return when it is freed from the Putin regime. And we will continue on this path until the end.”

Hackers stole data of 800,000 prisoners

The hackers, said to be self-exiled Russians opposed to Putin as well as Ukrainians, told the US network that they stole the contact information (phone numbers and e-mails) of more than 800,000 prisoners – including those serving sentences at the notorious prison “ Polar Wolf” above the arctic circle, where Navalny breathed his last. As they said, they are sharing the information they stole “in the hope that someone will contact them and contribute to the understanding of what happened to Navalny.”

According to iefimerida, Navalny, Putin’s only viable political opponent, was serving a 19-year sentence in the penal colony when he died under still unexplained circumstances on February 16. The Kremlin has denied any involvement, but world leaders, including US President Joe Biden, have blamed Putin.

Russia and Ukraine have recruited hackers during the war. Last January Ukraine’s military counterintelligence agency said Russian hackers had gained access to security cameras in Kiev to identify targets for a major attack on the capital.

A few weeks later, the Ukrainian hacker group “Blackjack” claimed to have stolen construction plans for 500 Russian military installations.

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