Hailey Bieber: confinement was like a second honeymoon

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom recently welcomed a baby girl named Daisy, and Orlando’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr shared her excitement on social media.

In the comments to the Instagram post in which Katy announced the birth of her little one, the model wrote:

“I’m so happy for you. Can’t wait to meet her.”

A affectionate little message that proves that Miranda has absolutely nothing against her ex-partner’s fiancée and is on very good terms with the lovebirds.

Shortly before Daisy’s birth, Katy confided that she had asked Miranda for advice regarding the imminent arrival of her daughter.

It must be said that Miranda is already the mother of three toddlers, including little Flynn who was born from her union with Orlando, and the singer of ‘Fireworks’ seems to have a relationship that could not be more cordial with the model.

She shared, “She has three boys so I asked her for advice.”

Which is hardly surprising since Orlando has apparently remained on very good terms with his son’s mom, as Miranda herself said in an interview with People magazine.

The brunette beauty explained: “With Orlando, we remain a family first and foremost. I now see him as a brother. It’s quite strange, but we care about each other and have a great friendship. I’m very lucky on this point. “

As they announced the birth of their daughter this week, Orlando and Katy also encouraged people to donate to UNICEF to help more disadvantaged moms.

They said, “We are filled with love and wonder after our daughter arrives. But we know how lucky we are because not everyone has an experience as peaceful as ours. Communities all over the world. world still suffer from a shortage of medical personnel, and every eleven seconds a pregnant woman or a newborn baby dies. Due to COVID-19, many babies are at risk of the worst due to a lack of water, soap , vaccines and medicine. As parents this breaks our hearts and we are wholeheartedly with these parents who are going through difficult times. As UNICEF Ambassadors, we know that UNICEF is on up and doing their best to ensure that every mom has access to a doctor and quality help. To celebrate our daughter’s arrival, we’ve created a donation page. “

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