hairdressers without clothes arrive on the set of the show

On Thursday evening, Cyril Hanouna hosts Balance ton Post. This week, the debate centers around the consequences of the second lockdown.

Balance your Post: a show that makes the buzz!

A complex situation

I can’t wait for this year 2020 to end. Indeed, France hurts physically and morally. Moreover, far from being the only country affected by the pandemic, we must learn to live with it. However, this implies complying with rules that are at least incomprehensible. On the one hand, we must avoid interacting too much with our loved ones. Wearing a mask and social distancing are required. However, with the approach of the end of the year holidays, the imposed closure of shops raises questions. Worse, for some sectors, this descent into hell pushes them into their last entrenchments. Therefore, in the Balance ton Post of November 12, Cyril Hanouna wishes to offer them a platform.

Accompanied by Agnès Pannier-Runacher, the duo have a strategy of listening and appeasement. But not everything is decided in advance! When the second confinement arrives, the categorization of businesses made a lot of noise. Anything not related to food is considered non-essential. So, to restore your beauty or to cultivate yourself, you will have to be patient! Guests on the set of Balance ton Post, these injured sectors of activity have spoken. Viewers will not be disappointed with the trip!

Attention, mythical sequence!

That evening in the audience of Balance ton Post, there is someone who has an announcement to make. “A non-essential but essential trade to make us live… Independent and in the m * rd * ” But the way she’s going to do it is going to catch everyone off guard. Without clothing, except for a sign, does this hairdresser go too far in the demonstration? The debate remains. In any case, the message is clear. If it presents itself in its simplest form, it is because the government is not present enough. Worse, when deconfinement, he had already pulled on the rope by imposing costly measures. Once we set our foot in this fatal gear, how can we not leave feathers there?

this is the letmotif which divides opinion at the moment. However, the government representative wants to be positive. Lately, the Minister of the Economy had assured that the traders in difficulty would receive assistance which they did not expect. Also, her delegate asks her how much she thinks she has lost by remaining closed. The state’s objective is clear: it wants to align. So he should “bring the same turnover to the bank account at the beginning of December ” To be continued!

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