Haitham Shaker about his cancer: I felt my life was over and I gave up… and I hid the news from my mother

Singer’s solution Hytham Shaker As a guest on the program “With You, Mona Al-Shazly”, presented by the media, Mona Al-Shazly, in today’s episode, Wednesday, on the channel cbc.

During the meeting, Haitham Shaker revealed the scenes of the most difficult periods he went through after suffering from cancer, and said: “I do not like to share my concerns, and I do not like the most difficult for anyone. I couldn’t stand it, and her death broke me.”

He added: “I discovered patients with colon cancer, I felt that my life was over, and I gave up at first and was waiting for death, and there was a psychiatrist to follow up with him, he advised me to enjoy the rest of his life for me, with time I began to cling to life more.”

He continued, “During my sickness, I was working on the album The Sweetest Decision, I traveled on a medical trip abroad and I was going to Egypt, recording songs and returning to treatment.” And he continued: “I got closer to our Lord more, and in the end, I was cured, praise be to God.”

And about the beginning of the crisis, he explained: “I started with a hole in the stomach, after ulcers that I did not care about treating, and during treatment, I discovered that I had colon cancer early.”

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