Hajj registration for domestic pilgrims from today

Makkah Saudi Arabia, First Published Jun 3, 2022, 8:30 PM IST

Mecca: The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has announced that the registration process for domestic pilgrims for this year’s Hajj will begin on May 3. Applications can be submitted until Saturday, June 11th.

Registration is available for nine days. Citizens and residents under the age of 65 must complete three doses of the Kovid vaccine to perform the Hajj this year. The ministry directed all pilgrims to follow the health instructions and take all precautionary measures to protect their health and safety while performing Hajj.

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Expatriates can no longer be appointed in the eight posts; Existing ones should be transferred to another post

Riyadh: Eight posts, including Labor (AMIL), are no longer recruited to Saudi Arabia. Existing posts of Doctor, Specialist, Engineer, Technical Specialist, Specialist Specialist, Control Technician, Worker and General Worker should be transferred to another post. It can no longer be changed by the employer without the worker’s permission.

Fees for change of posts of worker and ordinary worker have also been waived. The process of rectification of posts has been started on the ‘Quiva’ platform of the Ministry of Labor without paying any fee. Employers can transfer employees in their ‘worker’ and ‘regular worker’ positions to one of 67 posts.

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Of the above eight occupations, foreign workers will no longer be allowed to be recruited. When recruiting workers, it is necessary to give an accurate description of which posts are being filled. Only companies are allowed to change jobs through the Qiva platform. Individual sponsors cannot change jobs through this platform.

Usually a change of job requires a worker’s permission and a fee of 2,000 riyals. The above eight posts were excluded from it. But the fee waiver is only for first time job changes. The second time you change jobs, you have to pay a fixed fee. Those who are registered in the Iqamah as laborers and ordinary laborers (Labor) can transfer to 67 other posts.

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