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Halo Infinite: Certain Affinity is working on a great project. The battle royale?

by archyde

Certain Affinity has recently shared that it is actively working on a large project within Halo Infinite. The title of 343 Industries has been involved in a multitude of delays that have affected the reception of the game by the community, especially in regard to its multiplayer and cooperative sections. The study that has given support to the saga has now revealed for VentureBeat what They are at work with the title’s biggest asset, which has not been announced to date. What is it about?

It could be the battle royale that we are waiting for so much

“We’re doing something unannounced, and we’re leading the development of that unannounced thing, from conception and design. It’s something big and new to the franchise. But I can’t say any more about it,” says CEO Max Hoberman. “That is our biggest single project out of our three projects currently. We have about 100 developers working on it“, he affirms. Having a hundred people dedicated to a section of Halo Infinitemakes us think that the long-awaited battle royale that has been expected since the first announcements of the Microsoft game is probably being developed, when it had not even been launched on the market.

It is believed that that battle royale will be different from the rest and that will certainly give a breath of fresh air to the title, a necessary thing to revitalize your multiplayer. It may be that this modality is what the delivery needs, in the same way that it was required in its day. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) to run as one of the most important games in its saga. On the other hand, the fact that Certain Affinity is taking charge of this great project to be announced gives some peace of mind after seeing the problems that 343 Industries has gone through with the last installment of Halo disponible en Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S y PC.

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