Hamas Accuses Israeli Army of Deadly Attack on Gaza Crowd Waiting for Humanitarian Aid – Latest Updates and News

2024-03-15 11:27:34

Reference photo. According to Hamas, an Israeli attack on a crowd calling for help in northern Gaza left about 20 dead and hundreds injured. The Israeli Army denied the attack.

Photo: AFP – Agencia AFP

The Hamas Health Ministry announced on Friday that 20 people were killed and more than 150 wounded by “Israeli gunfire” against a crowd waiting for humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip.

“The Israeli occupation forces targeted a congregation of citizens waiting for humanitarian aid” in a small square in Gaza City, he said in a statement.

“The balance of victims transported to Al Shifa hospital was revised upwards to 20 dead and 155 injured,” added the ministry, which had previously reported 14 deaths.

The UN fears widespread famine in the territory besieged by Israel, especially in the difficult-to-access north, where some 300,000 people currently live.

At the end of February, Hamas reported that more than a hundred Palestinians were killed by Israeli gunfire during a humanitarian aid distribution in the north of this territory.

The Gaza Strip, under siege by Israel since October 9, is suffering from a serious shortage of supplies and several countries have resorted to planes to deliver humanitarian aid.

But 25 NGOs, including Amnesty International and Oxfam, warned that these air operations “are not an alternative” to ground deliveries.

In addition, some 250 people were kidnapped and 130 remain captive in Gaza, of whom 31 have died, according to Israeli authorities.

In response, Israel promised to “annihilate” Hamas and launched a military campaign that has so far left 31,341 dead, mostly civilians, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health.

Despite the exchange of attacks, international efforts to direct humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip continue. Some residents regret that when aid arrives there is no organization to distribute it.

Mojles al Masry, a 27-year-old displaced person who fled to Beit Lahia in northern Gaza, waited in vain for aid to be delivered by air.

“There is no food to feed our children. We didn’t even find baby milk. We have been walking around since early in the morning, waiting for a plane to drop a parachute,” she said.

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