“Harassing is that I have lowered her blouse”: this is how Vicente Fernández responded to the scandal of the video with his follower

In the past, social networks did not forgive Vicente Fernández for his statements, such as when he expressed that he would not accept a homosexual liver as a donation (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

After placing himself in the middle of the controversy over the circulation of a video where he appears inappropriately touching a young follower, Vicente Fernández already showed his face and spoke about the scandal that was later joined by other women who also claimed to have been harassed in their time by the interpreter.

It was during an interview that he gave to the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda where the veteran ranchera singer said that the appearance of the recording “hurt” him, and that it seems strange to him that the video’s disclosure occurred three years after it was recorded.

I saw the photo and indeed yes, I put my hand, first on the stomach and said ‘you are going to feel offended’ and I raised my hand and they took the photo. I never did ‘like this’, if I have something is to respect the public. I want to apologize to all the media because they have always treated me very well throughout my career and not because I did a… I admit that I did wrong, I don’t know if it was joking, it was a joke… I don’t know. I do not remember, there were many people (with whom I took photos), I offer an apology with all my heart, if I had wanted to do it like that I do not do it there … I would have taken it to the stables. I don’t even remember how it happened.

“It misses me a lot, it hurts me, I never gave rise to gossip, I was not a saint and everyone knows it, but they never saw me,” he expressed to the wife of his son Vicente Fernández Junior, and He clarified that what happened was a misunderstanding, since he never intended to touch the bust of the fan that you requested a photograph.

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Photo: @Miranda Hdez / TikTok

Photo: @Miranda Hdez / TikTok

“What happened was an accident,” he said in the interview conducted at his ranch in Jalisco, and assured that his wife questioned the fact that the 2017 recording was released until now:

“Cuca saw the note and was silent and asked why she waited three years. He had never done a scandalous thing, I apologize to everyone, “said the singer, who also questioned the role of the media that have” lynched “him.

“Why the media … could I claim right now, I do not abuse the cameras, the day I see the person who offended me, that day … but alone. You have to tie your muzzle. There are media that are very sagacious “, he expressed.

(Photo: Cuartoscuro)

(Photo: Cuartoscuro)

“It’s one thing to be photographing myself there, and I don’t realize it, and the one that follows and those that follow, anyway, I apologize to you again daughter, and whenever you want this is your home “He said referring to the young woman with whom he was portrayed.

“Right now I’m showing my face and don’t think it’s easy. Those girls or ladies, I don’t even know what they were like, I don’t remember, ”he said.

Vicente ruled out that the viralization of the video is about a monetary issue where the young woman would seek an economic benefit “because that would be to recognize that I did it with morbid, I apologize, but That they sue me ?, I also put lawyers. I already gave the apology, for the other two who came out, because I don’t even know what they were like, they were seconds who passed for the photo. Since that day that came out, I have not watched television other than movies, “said the interpreter of By your damn love.

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“If it had been with the intention, I would have taken her there to the ranch, to the stables. He would have told me (tentón) there at the time and I would have apologized to him, but I swear I was very nervous to see so many people, ”stressed the also actor of films set in the Mexican countryside.

The patriarch of the Fernández dynasty also expressed that what happened, in his opinion, was not harassment:

Harassment is that I have taken her to a stable and that I have lowered her blouse, that is harassment, but what happened was an accident with her, I have not seen the other two (women who accused me), but they also grabbed me and hugged me and said ‘a photo with a kiss’ and I left myself, but with my mouth closed, “said the singer to his ex daughter in law.

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