Hasan Al Haidoos apologized to the fans Hassan Al-Haydos apologizes to fans

Doha: Annabi captain Hassan Al Haydoos apologized to the people of Qatar after losing three goals to one against Senegal in Group A.

“The Qatari team wasted all 90 minutes in the first match. The team did not reach the expected level. But in the second match, the goal came back with a good performance at the right time. But unfortunately the team had to pay a heavy price for repeating mistakes’ – said Hassan Al Haydos.

Haidos said that the team fell behind at the end of the first half of the match against Senal and conceding another goal at the beginning of the second half made them more defensive. Qatar then scored the first goal of the World Cup by creating opportunities. But the Qatari captain pointed out that the third goal had to be conceded because the team was more focused on attacking.

He said that the players did not fail and performed well and apologized to the fans for the team’s failure and expressed hope that they will perform well in the next match and come back.

When asked if the preliminary training camp affected the performance of the team, he replied that he did not think so and the team was physically and technically ready in all aspects and the team had played many matches.

Hassan Al Haydos stated that the team was under pressure after the first match as they did not meet the expected standard and we were under pressure in the second match as we tried to find a solution for the first match.

Qatar, who had two defeats in Group ‘A’ and expected to advance to the pre-quarters, will face the strong Netherlands in the final match. The match will be played at Al Bait Stadium on Tuesday evening.

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