Hassan Al-Raddad and Amy Samir Ghanem give birth to their first child

The couple, Hassan Al-Raddad and Amy Samir Ghanem, had their first child, after months of imposing secrecy about Amy’s pregnancy, and everyone evaded confirming his news.

Sources close to the couple revealed that they had a male baby, on Monday the second of January, which corresponds to the day Hassan Al-Raddad was born, but they have not disclosed his name yet, as the birth took place in a private hospital in Sheikh Zayed City.

It is likely that all the details and feelings of this moment will be announced through the official platforms of the duo within hours, after they insisted not to talk about the details of the pregnancy or announce it.

The public was in great confusion about the new baby, and whether the name “Samir” would be given to him, in order to honor his late grandfather, Samir Ghanem, who died after a struggle with illness.

But Hassan al-Raddad mentioned in an old television interview that he would name his first child “Fadi” in memory of the passing of his brother “Fadi”, who died years ago, and if he had a baby girl, he would call her “Fadi” after his late mother.

Hassan Al-Raddad and Amy Samir Ghanem are keen to keep the details of their personal lives away from the public and the media, which was respected by their family. Weeks ago, Donia Samir Ghanem refused to announce her sister’s pregnancy, and asked to talk about another matter at the time.

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