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On Amazon, the old model of Xiaomi’s smart band “Mi Smart Band 5” is sold for 2999 yen. Although it is not a target product for the first sale sale, you can get it at a better price than usual if you use the point-up campaign.

Mi Smart Band 5

Mi Smart Band 5

The Mi Smart Band 5 will be released in January 2020, and the cheap price is probably due to the inventory disposal price. Compared to the latest model, there are places where I think “hmm”, such as a smaller screen and fewer functions. That said, it’s affordable for those who want to give it a try.

Mi Smart Band 5

The display is 1.1 inches, which is small for a modern smart band.Not too much information

Mi Smart Band 5

Changeable dial

Mi Smart Band 5

The author uses “Noftify for Mi Band” (Android application) to make Pipboy and play

Mi Smart Band 5

Band is removable.You can change the appearance with a replacement band sold separately.

The current model is the Smart Band 7, which has more features than the Mi Smart Band 5 on sale. In particular, the large screen makes it easy to operate and check the status. If you just use it diligently, the Mi Smart Band 5 will be enough.

Difference from Smart Band 7

Band 5 Band 7
weight About 11.9g About 13.5g
display 1.1 inch organic EL 126 x 294 1.62 inch organic EL 192 x 490
sport mode 11 types 110 types
dial Over 60 types Over 110 types
blood oxygen measurement incompatible Possible (all day)
Always display incompatible correspondence
water proof 5 ATM (water resistant at 50m depth)
battery 14 days or more
market price Around 3000 yen Around 6500 yen

There are various things that can be done, mainly focusing on the physical condition management system. It does not support GPS or blood oxygen level measurement, but it can be said that it is almost the same as a general smart band.

Mi Smart Band 5

“Workout” to record the type and time of exercise

Mi Smart Band 5

Heart rate can be measured at any time, and continuous measurement is possible if the setting is enabled.


size Width 18.15mm, depth 46.95mm, height 12.45mm
weight About 11.9g (not including belt)
display 1.1 inch AMOLED 126 x 294 dots touch compatible
sensor Gyro, PPG heart rate
Compatible OS Android 6.0 or higher, iOS 10.0 or higher
water proof 5 ATM (water resistant at 50m depth)
wireless Bluetooth 5.0LE
battery 14 days or more

* To pair with a smartphone, use the application “Zepp Life”.Please note that it is not “Mi Fitness” written in the manual

Regarding the battery, it says 14 days or more, but this is the longest case, and it’s actually shorter. It depends on the settings, but it may be better to think about a week with various functions turned off.

Although the functions are modest, it is a bargain at about 3000 yen for a smart band made by a global manufacturer. If you are interested in a smart band, why not try it out first?

Mi Smart Band 5

Old model and affordable smart band

If you want to try a modern smart band, we also recommend this one during the time sale.

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