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HBO shares first footage of 'The Last of Us' TV series

HBO shares first footage of ‘The Last of Us’ TV series

HBO has released a series of short films that combine previews of upcoming works, including “TheA Song of Ice and Fire/ Game of Thronesprequel to House of the Dragon. But at the end, I found the real version of “last survivor“(The Last of Us) has about 20 seconds of trailer screen, everyone thinks Pedro Pascal Bella Ramsey Do Joel and Ellie play alike? And it seems that the story line is also according to the opening part of the first episode of the game.

Adapted, created and executive produced by Craig Mazin of “Nuclear Homeland”, plus the game’s main creator Neil Druckman Also joined to assist, so the outside world has a lot of expectations for this live-action story work. “The Last of Us” is expected to start broadcasting in 2023, with a first season of 10 episodes.

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