He did not want AstraZeneca vaccine and Delta variant of COVID-19 almost kills him

The case occurred in Bradford, England, with a 54-year-old patient named Faisal Bashir, who due to his “Excellent condition”, believed that he did not need to be immunized against the coronavirus, he detailed BBC.

However, he was infected and spent several days on oxygen fighting to save his life in a local hospital, where the number of unvaccinated inmates is increasing due to the fatality of the Delta or Indian variation of COVID-19, added the information.

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“It was the biggest mistake of my life. They offered me the vaccine, but I was arrogant. I would go to the gym, ride my bike, walk, and run. Since I was strong and healthy, I thought I didn’t need it, ”the man said.

The text explained that Bashir did not know “how or where” he contracted the infection and that he was “influenced” by the versions that related to the injectable AstraZeneca with the appearance of clots in the blood system.

Consequently, the affected person asked that others not follow his example: “What I experienced in the hospital humiliated me. I feel so bad that I hope speaking helps others avoid this. “

England lifted most of the restrictions and go through the fourth peak of the pandemic, which with the new lineage is violently attacking young people and people who decided to say no to the biological one.


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