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“He died on October 2”: Maria Shukshina delivered a poignant message

by archyde

The famous actress shared her experiences. According to Shukshina, she still cannot come to terms with what happened.

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Exactly 48 years ago, on October 2, 1974, the famous Soviet writer and actor Vasily Shushkin passed away. Today, his successor delivered a poignant message on her Telegram channel. According to Maria Shukshina, who not so long ago punched the inflated Alla Pugachevamany of her father’s words about the intelligentsia, culture and Russian national character are still relevant today.

“It’s been 48 years since there is no dad. Even more than he lived. Vasily Shukshin was 45 years old when he died on October 2, 1974 on the set of the film “They Fought for the Motherland”. Today, not a single self-respecting theater can do without Shukshin, the Internet is replete with quotes from his films, which have become beloved classics, from his stories and novels, ”wrote Maria Vasilyevna.

Shukshina published photos of the monument to her father, which was created in 2004 by sculptor Vyacheslav Klykov. The sculpture recreates the final frame from the film “Stoves and Shops”, the author of which addresses the audience with the words: “Well, guys, the end.” Shukshina notes that many interpret this as a woeful warning, farewell to the village, to the peasantry, to Russia. However, in fact, the precepts of Vasily Makarovich were different.

“Did he call us to impotent weeping, to despair? Does despondency emanates from his great destiny? Almost at the same time that Shukshin was finishing work on Stoves and Shops, he wrote to Valentin Vinogradov, and in fact to all of us: “This is not the end, no. What the hell is the end! What you! Not! If there were such ends, then we would not have got out from under the Mongols. Well, Mongols, it was more serious. Just don’t fall, for God’s sake, in vain,” the actress concluded.

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