He has already had 53 days with more than 43 °C

2023-09-09 10:41:14

PHOENIX. Phoenix is ​​on the verge of setting another heat record this year after posting another day with temperatures of at least 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43.3 degrees Celsius).

The National Weather Service said the desert city had 43.3 degrees Celsius for the 53rd non-consecutive day this year, matching the 2020 mark. If Phoenix reaches 43.3 degrees Celsius or higher as forecast for Saturday, it will impose a new record with 54 non-consecutive days with such temperatures in one year.

An extreme heat alert is in effect for the entire weekend with temperatures forecast to reach 45°C (113°F) on Saturday and 43.8°C (111°F) on Sunday. A high of 42.7°C (109°F) is forecast for Monday.

In July, Phoenix set a record with 31 consecutive days with temperatures of at least 110°F (43.3°C). The previous record was 18 consecutive days in 1974.

The streak was part of a historic heat wave that affected from Texas to California, including New Mexico and Arizona.


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