He remains free after the rejection of e 2024-04-12 01:48:36

The Barcelona court announced that it “rejects the appeals filed against the decision granting bail to the prisoner Daniel Alves.”

The former Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain star was released on bail of one million euros, which he took five days to recover.

He was released on March 25 from Brians 2 prison in San Esteban Sasroviras, 40 kilometers northwest of Barcelona, ​​and made no statement.

Accused of raping a young woman on the night of December 30-31, 2022 in a nightclub in Barcelona, ​​Dani Alves was taken into custody after his arrest a few days later.

In February 2024 he was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison and thus remained behind bars.

His lawyer, who appealed this conviction, had filed a request for release, while both the prosecution and the civil party opposed it, considering that the risk of flight was significant.

The Barcelona court finally gave the green light to this release pending appeal after he paid a one million euro advance, stripped him of his two Spanish and Brazilian passports and banned him from leaving Spain.

He is also prohibited from coming within one kilometer of the victim’s home or workplace and making contact with him. The player must appear in court in Barcelona every Friday.

The prosecution and the civil party also appealed the four-and-a-half-year prison sentence, considering it too low.

During his trial, Alves, 40, testified that the sexual relationship was consensual, but his defense was weakened by the numerous changes to his version laid out by the prosecution.

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