He sang on buses to pay for his medical studies and he already graduated

The story of Joel Mistokles is very inspiring, as he had to go through several challenges in order to complete his studies, the most important was financial, because when he began to study medicine he was already married and had a son.

Joel lives in São Bernardo, in the Maranhão state, in Brazil. His story became known in 2016 thanks to a report broadcast by the TV Mirante channel. At that time he was starting his career and he said that to generate income he and his wife, named Lorrane Pereire, got up at 4:00 am to prepare breakfasts, which they sold at the door of their house.

Then he would go to school and she would take care of her baby. When he returned again they prepared food to sell in the afternoon.

On that occasion, he commented that, in 2014, before taking his admission exam to CEUMA University, the idea of ​​singing in the trucks came up and he recalled: “There was a day when I was sad because things were missing at home, I was in a bus and I started singing as if I were in my room. Tears came to my face. When I was going to leave I noticed that some people were crying too. Then I thought: this can only be God’s work, not Joel’s. I understood that he was there, on the bus and that he should start singing. “

Then Joel started singing on his trips back and forth, saving his fare money and raising some extra money. Then he recorded a disc with his songs and also offered it to passengers.

Regarding the lessons that that work has left him, Mistokles commented that he has been sensitized by seeing people on a daily basis: “sometimes people are on a bus, with their heads so full of problems, thinking about the bills they have, thinking about what they lost. “

Joel’s story brought him fame and he was soon invited to sing at hospitals, events, and even on a TV show in 2018 where he earned 10,000 reais, about $ 1,700.

The 33-year-old Mistokles’ effort paid off, as on October 18 of this year he attended his graduation ceremony as he finished his medical degree. In an interview he gave to the local media Globe, commented: “I always had the dream of being a doctor and I fought for that dream with the tool I have, which is music. It was never easy. My wife and I always had difficulties, we had to take care of our son, but I did not give up. “.

“When I finally got into medicine I was already singing on the buses. So I sold the CD in buses and other products such as cables and chargers. Because when we have a dream, we fight with what we have,” said the recent graduate.

In the interview he also said in 2019 they received their second daughter and that he does not expect to do his residency in 2022, because now it is the turn for his wife, who finished her dental degree in 2020, to practice professionally: “I am going to help whoever he took care of me and my children. “


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