He sent an opponent player to the hospital with a karate! BINTEO – 2024-04-07 18:09:32

The unimaginable incidents in Rhodes in a local match between Iraklis Lardou and Poseidonas Karpathos are unprecedented, with a football player of the home team sending an opponent to the hospital with an unimaginable cut.

In fact, a player of Iraklis Lardos (Charalambos Tagaev) hit his opponent (Manolis Nasopoulou) with a karate and sent him to the hospital, while a prosecutor has also intervened. It should be noted that the football player who was hit after receiving first aid went to security to file a complaint.

In detail, the announcement of Heraklis Lardos: “On the occasion of what took place in our team’s match against Poseidon Karpathos, we would like to mention the following: First of all, we condemn the reckless action of our football player TAGAEFF CHARALAMBOU and we wish from the bottom of our hearts a speedy recovery to Manoli Nasopoulos, declaring that we will be close to him in whatever he needs.

Without wanting to justify this move in any way, we will simply mention that Babis Tagaev has been competing for over 15 years in the Rhodes stadiums and has never been involved in the slightest fight.

Yesterday’s incident is clearly reprehensible and surprised us all the more. We hope it will be the last time we see such images in the stadiums and we will do our part to make this happen.

Regarding what was heard about hospitality, we stress that what happened was exclusively between the football players. The people who were in the stadium did not go inside to cause trouble under any circumstances and those who managed to get in were mostly footballers and agents who wanted to calm spirits.

Our irrefutable witness is the camera, which as you can imagine has been installed in several home games this season, as we have nothing to hide or be afraid of. After all, our stadium is full in all our matches this year and not a single thing has happened.

We know that the reaction of our football player is a serious offense and will certainly have the corresponding consequences, however before some people throw the blame ball at us, it would be good if they urge their football players not to make obscene gestures in the stands, just like the number always did 6 of Poseidon, causing tension in the match for no reason.”

Poseidon Karpathou in his own announcement said: “Football should be a celebration! This is how we should all perceive it, this is sport and it should unite us all. For our children, our academies, our island, for the joy of the game!

Yesterday’s events we experienced cannot easily be captured in a single announcement. The important thing was the physical integrity of our athletes and not the result. The 2.3 people we were there tried to make sure we all got out safe and sound. Safely and calmly, we can say a lot.

Such actions and attitudes have set football back many years, and we do not want such football. What the opposing football player did, if it can be called that, we don’t even see it in martial arts matches.

We would have expected after so many hours, at least one announcement from the opposing club that it condemns this action and wishes our footballer well, and not after the end of the match to hand out congratulations. Fortunately, nothing further happened, because fifty people were waiting for us outside the stadium…

Karpathos has always been famous for its hospitality. After all, last year we received the fair play award for our exemplary behavior, both inside and outside the island. We will never be, as some want!

For what reason;

For a football match?


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