“He surprised me during the shower” .. A woman accuses the Manchester City star of trying to rape her

Manchester City player Benjamin Mendy is accused of trying to rape a woman who visited his home to meet another footballer, according to the newspaper.The Guardianon court documents.

The 28-year-old woman claimed that the French defender assaulted her after she bathed in his house, and that he pulled the towel from her body, indicating that he wanted to see her body before trying to rape her.

The woman met Mendy at a Barcelona nightclub in October 2017, when he was accompanied by soccer player Diako Fofana, prosecutors told the court on Wednesday.

The woman said that a nightclub promoter introduced her to Mindy and Fofana, in exchange for “VIP” treatment. “We didn’t want to wait in line…so we took advantage of the opportunity,” she said in a video attended by the jury.

The following year, in October 2018, the woman, whose name was not given, agreed to meet Fofana at Mindy Palace, which is estimated to be worth millions in Cheshire, western Britain, according to “The Guardian”.

She mentioned that that night she went out to dinner with the players and they went to several nightclubs in Manchester, and indicated that two women were accompanied by them, one of them “very beautiful” who was sitting with Mindy.

In the interview, which was recorded last January, the woman described to the jurors that Mindy unwillingly approached her and began touching her, whispering in her ear: “When he publishes it (Fofana) I will kidnap you.”

She said that she thought he was joking with her and that she responded to his comment by saying: “No, you will not,” taking his hands away from her, and I confirmed that she wanted to get close to Fofana, and added, “I made it clear to him that my intentions were entirely on Diako.”

The woman spent the night with Fofana, but when she got up in the morning to take a shower, she said she was surprised by Mindy, who broke into the bathroom in only his underwear, and said she tried to find a towel and reach for her clothes and that he was forbidding them to do so.

She indicated that he pulled her and made her sit on his lap despite her repeated requests for him to stop and began whispering in her ear in French that he did not want to have sex with her, but rather that he wanted to touch her.

The woman stated that she was confused about what happened, and said, “I don’t understand for several reasons, he had a beautiful woman with him the night before, she was very nice, I didn’t know what happened to her, and I didn’t understand what he wanted from me.”

She stated that she told one of her friends what had happened, but did not tell the police until August 2021, after Mindy was arrested for raping other women.

Mindy denies trying to rape the woman, and faces a total of ten rape and sexual assault cases against seven women.

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