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Reporter Tian Weiwei / Comprehensive Report

On July 22, Lin Zhiying drove a Tesla and collided with the bridge pier. She posted a limited-time post. In the photo, she saw Lin Zhiying lying on the bed, her hand tightly held by another person’s hand. She told her the suffering of her body and mind for many days in a short sentence.

Chen Ruoyi uploaded a limited-time update on IG on the morning of the 16th. In the photo, there is a person lying on the bed. Judging from the gauze on his arm, it should be the injured Lin Zhiying, and the person sitting by the bed and holding Lin Zhiying’s hand tightly should be the eldest son Kimi. , she wrote: “Go through the wind and rain, and eventually you will see the light of day.” She told the mental and physical suffering of the past few days, and hinted that Lin Zhiying’s condition was gradually improving.

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▲ Lin Zhiying’s hospital bed photo. (Picture / Retrieved from Chen Ruoyi IG)

Lin Zhiying was hospitalized and recuperated for many days. He spoke to the public through his family and agents for several days. On the 10th, some fans found that he suddenly appeared in his “Weibo Chaohua”. Fans were both surprised and happy, calling out “Brother is back”, “Brother are you okay”, “I can rest assured knowing you are safe”, the agent said to “ETtoday Starlight Cloud” at the time, “Thank you for your concern, the patient is currently recovering , for the time being, no other responses will be made.”

▲ Lin Zhiying's hospital bed photo.  (Picture / Retrieved from Chen Ruoyi IG)

▲Lin Zhiying and Chen Ruoyi. (Picture / Retrieved from Chen Ruoyi IG)

During Lin Zhiying’s hospitalization, both his younger brother and Chen Ruoyi tried to have a conversation, trying to restore the incident, and his wife was with him. Brother Lin Zhixin said earlier, “But Zhiying’s current physical condition still cannot piece together what happened, I think, We will have to wait until Zhiying’s physical condition is better before we can explain it to the relevant units. We also ask the public not to continue discussing or speculating on what happened.”

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