“He wished he could go back in time.” King Charles feels remorse for his two sons, Princes William and Harry

The famous biographer, Christopher Anderson, revealed in his new book, “The King: The Life of Charles III”, that the king feels guilty and wishes he could go back in time to avoid what he did with his two sons.

In an interview with US Weekly, Christopher revealed that the king truly regrets asking his sons, William and Harry, to walk behind the coffin of their mother, Princess Diana.

Christopher added: “I think it haunts him even now because it haunts his sons as well, and they have already talked about it. I wrote that it may be a form of PTSD.”

During the research conducted by Christopher prior to the publication of this book on the life of the King, he discovered that Harry still felt a state of nervousness when he traveled to London, and that the reason was the memories engraved in his memory regarding the day of his mother’s funeral, as evidenced by statements that Harry had previously alluded to.

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