Head of the Bakeries Division: “The ton of flour decreased by 1000 pounds in 48 hours, and it will come down again.”

Abdullah Ghorab, head of the General Division for Bakeries, said: flour price It remains vacillating at the moment, and the Minister of Supply stated that within two or three days, wheat will be supplied to the mills, and the flour will be sold at 8,600 pounds per ton to tourist bakeries.

Ghorab added, in a telephone interview with Ahmed Moussa, on the “On My Responsibility” program, that after about 4 days, the price of a ton of flour will be stable; During which bakery owners can receive a ton of flour at the price set by the Ministry of Supply.

He added that the division is always on the side of the citizen, and the price of wheat rose overnight, but the price of a ton of flour decreased by one thousand pounds within 48 hours, adding: “He will come again as soon as the wheat is supplied and the milling and supply begins, and it will be less than 8,000 pounds.”

He stated: “Everything of the commodities is currently available, and the price is going down is not the case.” He thanked the state for providing a strategic stock of food commodities that would last up to 6 months, saying: “Bread is available throughout the day.

He pointed out that the division monitors the market; In order to monitor violations in the interest of the citizen, he pointed out that those who raised the price of wheat are wheat merchants, reassuring citizens about the provision of goods, “and the great countries are looking for needs, not meeting them, and we have no problems.”

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