Health, beauty and wellness franchises grow 21% in 2022

The ABF (Brazilian Franchising Association) recently released the sector’s 2022 results report. – a growth of 14.3% compared to 2021.

Accompanying the good results, the Health, Beauty and Wellness segment consolidated the growth of 21.5% compared to the previous year. According to the study, the main factors for the expansion were changes in consumer habits; greater professionalization of the sector and the arrival of new investors after the height of the pandemic.

The entity’s president, Tom Moreira Leite, highlighted the return of face-to-face activities as a factor that boosted the good numbers. Although all segments have shown an increase, the podium went to Hospitality and Tourism (increase of 24.5%); Health, Beauty and Wellness; and Food – Food Service (both with 21.5% growth).

For the specialist in Expansion of Franchise Networks at Rede Odonto, Estevan Aguiar, the dental sector has some factors to continue its expansion in 2023, such as “the increase in awareness about the importance of oral health, the aging of the population, the search for for quality services and the expansion of the middle class”.

The ABF report predicts growth in all segments for 2023. However, although he sees good prospects, Aguiar cites important challenges for the dental franchise sector, such as the lack of qualified professionals and the need for investments in technology and innovation to offer services each more advanced and differentiated.

Dental franchise can bring benefits to the entrepreneur

According to the specialist at Rede Odonto, the franchise model can be interesting also due to the superlative numbers of professionals working in the country. Data from the Federal Council of Dentistry show that Brazil has more than 390,000 active dentists and 807 ECIPOs (company that sells or manufactures dental products).

For him, relying on an already successful model can bring some advantages, such as:

Established Brand: a recognized franchise can attract more clients and helps build the practice’s reputation.

Business support: the franchisor provides business support to the dentist, which includes guidance on administrative matters, training, marketing and financial management. This can help the dentist focus more on providing quality dental services.

Access to advanced technologies: some dental franchises invest in advanced technologies such as intraoral scanners, 3D printers and high-resolution imaging systems. This can help improve the quality of care and attract patients who are looking for cutting-edge technology.

Greater efficiency: By utilizing the best practices and procedures established by the franchise, the dentist can increase the efficiency of the practice. This can result in better patient care, shorter wait times and increased productivity.

The ABF report also pointed out that franchised establishments increased the number of hires by 17% between 2019 and 2022. In addition, the projection is for a 10% increase in hires, 10% in operations and a variation between 9.5 to 12% in revenues compared to 2022.

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