It’s alien music. On the Riga cinema screen – the opera Lohengrin live from New York / Diena

The pride of the show is the performance of the orchestra, choir and ensemble of soloists. The title role was given to Polish tenor Piotr Beczal. He is better known as a performer of Italian, French, Russian and Czech opera repertoire. Lohengrin is the artist’s first Wagner opera role. He was encouraged to learn it by maestro Kristiāns Tīlemanis, under whose direction Pyotr Bečala made his debut in the character of Lohengrin in 2017 at the Semper Opera in Dresden. of New York Lohengrin is already the fourth production of this opera in the singer’s career.

Critics acknowledge in their reviews that Pyotr Bečala sings convincingly and elegantly in Metropole Opera. His melancholic Lohengrin recalls the artist’s frequent portrayal of Lensky in Tchaikovsky’s opera Yevgeny Onegin. Piotr Bečala himself says that when he sings this part of Wagner, he sometimes thinks of Verdi Masked ballboth about Dvořák Mermaid.

“Pyotr Bečala has never considered himself a Wagnerian tenor. His voice has brightness, it’s just like sunlight. Vocally, he radiates light, but he also brings a heroic aspect to the singing. That’s exactly what this role needs,” conductor Janik comments on Piotr Bečala’s performance Nezet-Seguin. Even in his most passionate moments, Piotr Bečala’s Lohengrin has an almost alien coolness and alienation.

Piotr Bečala sings the role of Lohengrin convincingly and elegantly. Photo – Marty Sol

The role of Elsa in the play is sung by American soprano Tamara Wilson, Ortrud by American soprano Kristine Gerke, Ortrud’s husband Count Friedrich von Telramund by Russian bass Yevgeny Nikitin, King Heinrich Fogler by Austrian bass Gunther Groisbeck.

Lohengrin The Metropolitan Opera has not performed since 2006, when director Robert Wilson’s 1998 production, which radically differed from the hyper-naturalistic stage versions that New York theater audiences were used to, was last performed there. New Lohengrin directed by Francois Girard as his 2013 production at the Metropolitan Opera Parsifal continuation. All the operas of Wagner’s mature years are considered by the director to be a “grand fresco”, and these two works are more closely related to each other than any other. Lohengrin was composed long ago Parsifalbut its action will take place after a long time In Parsifal described events, while Lohengrin himself is the son of Parsifal.

Lohengrin and Parsifal there are also musically related operas, especially in the prelude. “It’s alien music, it’s something that’s almost frozen in the air,” says Yannick Nézet-Seguin. “Parsifal exists only in an immaterial dimension, in turn Lohengrin is between the harmonious language of the title character and the more “down-to-earth” music of the other characters,” adds the conductor.

The new production is visually impressive, the action takes place in an abstract environment that combines elements of both ancient times and post-apocalypse. Set design is by Tim Yip, who has won Oscar about Ang Lee’s films The tiger and the dragon artistic design.


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