Health spokesman: Citizens should deal with colds as if they were Corona

Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, said that after two years of the Corona pandemic, we have mechanisms through which we can avoid infection with the virus and exacerbate symptoms caused by infection, and reduce death rates, indicating that the first of those steps is vaccination, and for a country that provides all Types of vaccinations in quantities that cover the target numbers and cover the booster doses, in addition to adhering to social distancing and wearing masks.

He added, during his meeting with the journalist Youssef Al-Husseini on the “Ninth” program, which is broadcast on the Egyptian Channel One: “Corona’s mutations are that the virus, as soon as it enters the body, begins to enter the cell and reproduces itself, and certainly not all copies are the same, and we will find a difference between the copy and the other, and Corona’s mutations. It occurs in this way, and changes related to the genetic composition occur, and then the virus seeks to increase its spread, and seeks to multiply and overcome the human immune system.”

He said: “Usually we find that the large number of virus mutations leads to the weakening of the virus, and what is happening now in the Omicron mutant, it has increased its spread rates, compared to the original virus, and the mutant that preceded it to the virus, as one infected person can transmit infection from 16 to 19 people. , But now we have something that did not exist in the same capacity, which is vaccination and community immunity, and there is a capacity for the body to resist the virus, and there was a direct relationship between the increase in infections and resorting to hospitals and care, but in the Omicron mutant, the matter was different and did not.”

He continued: “It is necessary to deal with any symptoms of colds as corona, so we isolate ourselves, then deal with the symptoms, whether it is a high temperature or sore throat, but if the heat continues and does not respond to heat reducers, he must resort to the hospital directly, and there Isolation and triage clinics in all hospitals are dedicated to examining suspected symptoms, and we also go to the hospital in case of difficulty breathing.

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