“Healthy Late Night Snacks: Satisfy Your Cravings Without the Guilt – Tips from a Nutritionist”

2023-05-17 10:31:47

When going to bed after a long day, some people feel a sudden urge to devour something. Midnight cravings are not uncommon and can happen even after dinner.

And when a person feels hungry at night, he usually ends up eating what can satisfy his hunger, such as biscuits, chocolate, or ice cream, but these are unhealthy options and are not the only way to deal with cravings in the middle of the night, according to a report published by the website. “NDTV”.

healthy meals

Nutritionist Lovneet Batra said in a post on the “Instagram” platform that there are some healthy snacks that can be enjoyed late at night and do not lead to weight gain.

Batra explained that the desire to eat something late at night results from multiple reasons, including unbalanced blood sugar levels, irregular meal patterns, and night eating disorders, pointing out that if a person feels hungry at night, it may be because he Not eating enough during the day.

Other factors that can trigger nighttime cravings include altered circadian rhythm and stress.

Nutrition expert Batra says that eating fast food at night can lead to suffering from a feeling of bloating in the morning and the person can wake up upset. Therefore, it is better that he choose healthy food if he really wants to eat something. The following options were specified:

1. Chickpea or hummus toast

2. Steamed vegetables

3. A handful of nuts

4. A handful of whole seeds

5. 100 ml of milk

Patra also advises that these foods be kept ready and on hand to be enjoyed without compunction whenever the need arises.

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