‘Heart Signal 3’ Park Ji-hyun, her husband is the CEO of a small business with annual sales of 100 billion… “The person I want to be with for the rest of my life”

Photo source = Park Ji-hyun’s personal account

‘Heart Signal 3’ Park Ji-hyun held a wedding ceremony on the 25th, and it is known that the other party is a representative of a small business with annual sales exceeding 100 billion won.

Photo source = Park Ji-hyun’s personal account

Mr. A, who married Park Ji-hyun on the 25th, is the representative of company B, which is rapidly growing as a distribution partner for K-fashion brands in China. It has already recorded sales of 75 billion won in 2021, and the industry is expecting that it will easily exceed 100 billion won this year. He has a handsome style in his 30s and is known to have boasted excellent business skills. In particular, it is attracting attention for its strengths in the Chinese e-commerce market, and it is said that it boasts of brilliant awards at home and abroad, such as winning the ‘Trade Day’.

Previously, on the 23rd, Park Ji-hyun revealed the fact of her marriage by revealing a wedding pictorial on her personal account.

Park Ji-hyun said, “I met a person who has always been by my side and wanted to be with me for the rest of my life, and I got married this Saturday (25th).” I will always care for each other and live happily with the person I will become.”

Meanwhile, Park Ji-hyun received the Talent Award at the 2018 Miss Korea Gyeongnam contest. She received great love for her face with Channel A’s love entertainment water Heart Signal 3 (2020). She has signed an exclusive contract with Hyowon CNC, and she is running a YouTube channel, ‘Day Ji-hyeon’.

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