Heba Kotb warns men against tea: it negatively affects your sexual ability in this case

You may not care or search for what will happen to you if you drink some of the normal daily drinks that you find in any of the homes of the Egyptians, given that there were no known health crises that resulted from them, but the information that we will mention during the following lines regarding a drink related to the “mood” of people In all provinces, as a frequent guest on the stomach of many daily may make you stay away from him completely; Fearing its sharp impact.

Effect of tea on sexual ability

The drink known to be the mood of the Egyptians threatens the sexual health of men. Among all the drinks, you find tea in all Egyptian homes in large quantities, and sometimes you even find someone who takes it after every meal and during working hours continuously, because it occupies a special place among the Egyptians, but does Have you ever thought about what happens to your body when you eat it on a daily basis?

Therefore, the marital relations consultant, Dr. Heba Kotb, warned, in previous statements to her, on the “Clearly” program with the journalist Amr Al-Laithi on Al-Hayat channel, men who drink tea throughout the day, even if in moderate quantities, and she also noted the need not to overdo it, because It causes erectile dysfunction and negatively affects their sexual ability.

And she added that the reason for the effect on sexual health is that tea contains “tannic” acid, and in the event that there are high levels of it inside the body, this would begin to constrict the peripheral blood vessels, which are responsible for the blood supply to the genital area, and thus reduce The rate of blood that reaches it, and she continued: “It should be noted that the sexual blood vessels are part of the peripheral blood vessels that work to prevent blood from reaching the male organ, and contribute to reducing the flow of blood loaded with oxygen, and that this causes an effect on sexual ability So everyone should drink up to a maximum of 3 cups a day.”

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