Heba Qutb identifies the signs that wives practice in order to practice the

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Wednesday 21 September 2022

Books – Muhammad Amin
Dr. Heba Qutb said that there are signs and signs indicating the wife’s desire to engage in marital relationship, which requires the husband’s knowledge of her to be noticed, without any clear or direct hints from the wife to practice intimacy.

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Kotb explained, during her hosting of the “One of the People” program, with the media, Amr Al-Leithi, that these signs include wearing unusual clothes, perfume, and adornment on a daily basis.

The sexual health and marital relations consultant also indicated that sexual apathy is one of the most important complaints that occur after marriage between each husband and wife, pointing out that it is a condition that occurs due to ignorance of the nature of the sexual relationship between spouses.

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Accordingly, Qutb stressed that it is necessary for the spouses to have different determinations and suggestions regarding the intimate relationship.

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