“Hello, Beijing” was nominated for the Best Film at the Canada-China International Film Festival

“Hello, Beijing” was nominated for the Best Film at the Canada-China International Film Festival

2022-05-20 16:23:58Source: Xi’an News Network

The warm and realistic film “Hello, Beijing” has achieved another success, and the film was shortlisted for the Best Film Award at the 7th China-Canada International Film Festival. The reporter learned from the producer today that “Hello, Beijing” was produced and directed by Cao Qianqian, and produced by Beijing Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. Up to now, the film has won 15 international awards in a row, and Cao Qianqian has also won 4 international director awards.

The China-Canada International Film Festival is a large-scale international film festival with the theme of China-Canada film and cultural exchanges. Since its establishment, it has been strongly supported by the Chinese and Canadian governments. After 6 years of development, the China-Canada International Film Festival has become an industry event for cultural industry exchanges and cooperation. The fact that “Hello, Beijing” won an award on such an international stage is not only the performance of Cao Qianqian’s excellent work, but also a strong proof that Chinese films are going global.

Regarding the nomination for the best film at the China-Canada International Film Festival, director Cao Qianqian said bluntly, “In the post-epidemic era, I want more wonderful Chinese stories to go abroad and promote the exchange and mutual learning of global cultures; it can also be seen by the international community. A true Chinese story and the spirit of hard work and struggle of contemporary Chinese people.”

The movie “Hello, Beijing” tells the story of three little people with different identities, different ages and different life experiences. Inspirational story of the struggle of hope.

The film is directed and produced by Cao Qianqian, starring An Zehao, Liu Ben, and Li Feiran, starring Hai Yitian, Guo Jinglin, Zhang Xilin, Wang Qianhua, Bai Yongcheng, Shen Xiaohai, Sun Xun, Fu Chengpeng, Li Shengze, Jiang Ping, and Xu Zheng friendship. Kwong Zhiliang, the best editor at the Academy Awards, served as the editing director, Liao Jiawen, the best sound effect at the Academy Awards, served as the sound director, and gold colorist Huang Haoshen served as the visual director.

“Hello, Beijing” conveys the most sincere expressions of contemporary people in the face of love, family, friendship and struggle, which can resonate with the audience and make the audience think.

Zeng Shixiang, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Press

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