Helmet – LEFT – Album Review

2023-11-09 07:00:52

Helmet – LEFT
New York City / USA
Alternative Rock / Metal

Photo Credit: Raz Azraai

Eyes open, ears open, Helmet is there! Only Austrians probably understand this inside joke and only if they already have a little more life experience. But it doesn’t matter, because every rock afficionado knows the US rockers, at least by name.

In over 30 years of band history, Mastermind’s 2004 Page Hamilton The newly reformed band has already experienced and accomplished a lot. Nevertheless, the combo is still hungry, even if fans had to wait a full seven years for new material. This answers the name LEFT and is, how could it be otherwise, straightforward alternative rock on the border of metallic realms and with a pinch of hardcore.

Straight with little surprises

As always have Helmet There’s also a lot to say on the latest album. The pre-released track Gun Fluf For example, it deals with society’s fascination with acts of violence. All you have to do is open the newspaper or do a little doom scrolling on your cell phone to understand what the band means. In any case, the song is typically straightforward, but still lives from its changes in tempo and nuances. You will find out what this means HERE.

But straight-line does not mean monotonous. Around the middle of the album, the Americans take out some of the harshness and make the last track seem a little bluesy Resolution is, however, a cover and ends the album with almost gentle jazz sounds. The band has again incorporated small surprises and loosening things up, which is good for the overall impression and gives the record interesting accents.

Well, get it

As is often the case with alternative rock records, no song is a real slacker. But not everything sticks in your ear canals; sometimes the music just flies by and doesn’t leave a lasting impression. NYC Tough Guy is an example of this, but on the other hand there are semi-catchy tunes like Big Shot or even the opener Holidaythe HERE can be found.

Overall is LEFT So again a strong alternative rock record with cross-references to the heavy metal universe, with the highs clearly outweighing the lows. Or to put it another way: typical home-made food in the best sense of the word Helmetas fans of the band have known from the New Yorkers for decades.

LEFT is a strong rock album, but also a statement from one of the most influential bands ever. Helmet They are certainly no longer the youngest, but they once again impressively show less experienced genre representatives how it’s done. 7,5 / 10

Line Up
Page Hamilton – guitar, vocals
Dan Beeman – Guitar
Dave Case – Bass
Kyle Stevenson – drums

01. Holiday
02. Gun Fluf
03. NYC Tough Guy
04. Make-Up
05. Big Shot
06. Bombastic
07. Reprise
08. Dislocated
09. Tell Me Again
10. Powder Puff
11. Resolution (Cover von John Coltrane)

Website Helmet

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