Henedy to the prejudiced against Salah: I did not grow up in the hanging of Dahab and made himself from scratch

The star, Mohamed Henedy, sent a message to those who underestimate the star Mohamed Salah The English Liverpool player and the Egyptian national team, after Liverpool FC lost the Champions League final against Real Madrid, Henedy wrote: “Do you know when you keep playing with a player on the Playstation and suddenly you meet with his competition or the player after he retires? He analyzes your performance on television and describes you as the best in your region in the world.” .

Henedy continued: “That’s why I want to say something, I said for a while I see “some” young people who try to mock or belittle Salah, they may not love Salah or encourage competing teams, you have the right not to love Salah and your right to love and encourage a rival team, but the idea is why you reduce or You hate someone who can do what millions would have seen as impossible.”

Henedy added: “Salah, who used to travel by train every day and sleep in the club on the ground and without an intermediary, made himself from scratch, until when he arrived that he continued to compete for the best in the world. He gets tired and sees that his dream and goal is impossible to achieve.”

Henedy continued: “Salah is an example for anyone who is diligent and goes through difficult circumstances and a difficult life, an example that you can not only be the best in your country, you are the best in the world. They were able to achieve what you and we thought was impossible, for love and appreciation for Salah is not love for a person, love for an idea and success, and I will send you to Salah.”

Henedy supports Mohamed Salah

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