Heracles Almelo takes three very important points against fellow countrymen Go Ahead Eagles

On Friday evening, March 15, Heracles Almelo played its 750th Eredivisie match against Go Ahead Eagles. In the oldest derby in Overijssel, Heracles Almelo managed to come out on top. In an even match, coach Erwin van de Looi’s team won with goals from Jizz Hornkamp and Bryan Limbombe in the second half.

First half full of possibilities, but without goals

Before the match there was a beautiful tribute to Guus van Lenthe, who was active for Heracles Almelo for many years. For that impressive minute of silence, the arrival of both teams was accompanied by a light show and a large dose of fireworks. When asked whether that was a harbinger of more fireworks during the first half, you can give two answers. There were no goals, but there were a dozen chances on both sides. Heracles Almelo regularly sought Jeffrey de Lange’s goal, but Go Ahead Eagles also occasionally appeared threatening and managed to create danger for Michael Brouwer’s goal.

Emil Hansson came through on the left after four minutes of play, his cross failed to reach a fellow player. Navajo Bakdraad succeeded after twelve minutes of play. His withdrawn cross found Bryan Limbombe who decided to pull the trigger. However, his shot was broken by the Deventer defense. Brian de Keersmaecker also showed a busy side in the first half. Once his volley went over and another shot from the second line went just wide.

At Go Ahead Eagles, Oliver Edvardsen was the most dangerous man. After more than fifteen minutes of play, the winger was unable to take advantage of missteps by Michael Brouwer. Edvardsen came close twice more in the first half. First he fell a toe length short on a cross from Victor Edvardsen and before half time he managed to pass Bakbaas. Brouwer prevented a deficit at half time with his fists.

Jizz Hornkamp and Bryan Limbombe decide the match

The spell was broken after the break by who else than Jizz Hornkamp. Emil Hansson cut in from the right and delivered a wonderful cross at the far post. Hornkamp scored his seventh goal in just nine matches. Willum Willumsson had the opportunity to score the equalizer into an empty goal less than two minutes later, but failed to do so. The Go Ahead Eagles midfielder shot over.

After more than an hour of play, the liberating goal was scored by Bryan Limbombe. The winger brought the margin to two after he dribbled in and found the far corner. In the final phase, both teams managed to create few more chances and Erwin van de Looi’s team was able to add three very important points in the battle for enforcement.

Heracles Almelo – Go Ahead Eagles

Heracles Almelo – Go Ahead Eagles: 2-0 (0-0)
55. Jizz Hornkamp 1-0, 69. Bryan Limbombe 2-0.

Yellow cards: Brian de Keersmaecker, Jeffrey de Lange, Bas Kuipers, Thomas Bruns

Heracles Almelo: Michael Brouwer, Navajo Bakdraad, Kelvin Leerdam (64. Sven Sonnenberg), Justin Hoogma, Fredrik Oppegård, Brian de Keersmaecker, Ajdin Hrustić, Jordy Bruijn (64. Thomas Bruns), Bryan Limbombe (84. Mario Engels), Jizz Hornkamp (90 .Mohamed Sankoh), Emil Hansson (84. Marko Vejinovic)
Go Ahead Eagles: Jeffrey de Lange, Mats Deijl, Gerrit Nauber (76. . Finn Stokkers), Oliver Edvardsen (76. Søren Tengstedt)

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