Here are the 6 worst foods to avoid for your liver

Excesses of any kind are never good for the body. And the liver is often the one that toasts the most. Certain foods are particularly hard on him.

The liver is the organ that filters toxins and produces digestive enzymes. To take care of it, physical activity is recommended. But you also have to watch your diet closely. Here are the 6 foods to banish to preserve your liver.


Caffeine is metabolized by the liver. Also, abusing it risks exhausting it in the long run. No need to cut coffee out of your diet. But specialists recommend not to consume more than two cups a day.


French fries

Again, it’s all about moderation. Indeed, frying is particularly bad for the liver. From the moment the amount of fat exceeds the needs of the body, the liver will see its cells overloaded. Fries, which contain cooking oil, should therefore be avoided: once a week maximum.



The alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption is very bad for the liver. If the latter is forced to permanently neutralize the alcohol, the liver cells will gradually be destroyed. Moderate consumption is therefore recommended by health authorities.




They are so bad for the liver that a disease bears their name: NASH, also called “soda disease”, is a chronic liver disease linked to a diet that is too sweet and too fatty. It can progress to cirrhosis and mainly affects heavy consumers of sugary drinks such as soda. This abnormal accumulation of fat in liver cells affects more and more people in France.



white cereals

Bread, pasta, white flour biscuits cause a rapid and sudden rise in glucose levels followed by a fall. These shocks weaken the liver in the long run. Conversely, a diet rich in whole grains and fiber would reduce the risk of developing liver cancer.



Industrial pastries

Foods that contain a lot of added cure are bad for the pancreas in the long run. But once the latter tires, the liver takes over. Industrial pastries should therefore be consumed in moderation. They contain bad fats and a lot of sugar.


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