here are the free games of august 2022

A few days before August, Microsoft has already unveiled the list of games that will be available for free to all subscribers to the Xbox Games With Gold program. This month, 4 games will be offered.

Xbox Games with Gold
Credit: Microsoft

After a fairly quiet month of July when Microsoft offered no major titles, Microsoft has lifted the veil on the 4 games that will be offered in August, and its selection will not please all subscribers to the Xbox Game With Gold program. In effect, two of them were already part of previous Games with Gold selections, in 2014 and 2020.

The two titles that had previously been available are Saints Row 2, which launched on Xbox 360, and Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine, the 2013 indie stealth hit. Saints Row 2 was a July 2020 Games with Gold offer, and Monaco was given free to Gold subscribers in September 2014. We can therefore see that Microsoft is warming up, since the company has already announced thatit will stop offering Xbox 360 games as of October 2022.

Microsoft unveils the list of Xbox One games offered in August

In addition to the two Xbox 360 games, Microsoft will offer subscribers two Xbox One games, which have never been part of the games offered in previous months. We first find Calico, pour Xbox One et Series X/Swhich features a life simulation game in which players are tasked with rebuilding the local town’s cat cafe, choosing its decor, preparing its food, and filling it with an assortment of not necessarily feline creatures to attract customers. The game will be available as part of Games with Gold between August 1 and August 31..

We will then find ScourgeBringer, also on Xbox One and Series X/S. This is a ” fast-paced roguelite platformer in which players, in the role of the warrior Kyhra, fight their way through a post-apocalyptic world in an attempt to save humanity. This one can be downloaded from August 16 to September 15.

On their side, Saints Row 2 will be available for download August 1-15while Monaco will be available from August 16 to 31. If you are also an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, we remind you that many new games arrived in Julyincluding WatchDogs 2 and Inside.

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