Here are the latest iPhone 13 leaks and launch date

The famous blogger “Jon Prosser” revealed Apple’s plans to officially announce the iPhone 13 series at an event to be held on September 14, which was confirmed by the leaked images of the phone’s packaging box.

Apple has issued strict threats to the sources of leaks that reveal the details of the iPhone 13 series, as it threatened to file lawsuits for some of the confiscation of the leaks, but these sources continue to reveal more details about the iPhone 13 series.

The source of the leaks indicated that the iPhone 13 series will be revealed for the first time on September 14, while the releases are actually launched on September 24, which is the annual date of the Apple event, also this date differs from previous expectations that indicated that the Apple event will be on the 17 from september.

Prosser also explained that Apple will provide more details about the iPhone 13 phones and the upcoming event on September 14, and official invitations to media channels will be issued a week before the event, while Apple begins receiving pre-booking requests on September 17, and sales of new versions begin from iPhone phones on September 24.

It is reported that Prosser confirms that all versions will be available immediately after the official announcement of the series in the upcoming event.

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