Hermit mode succeeds in Killa Klay

We knew “Game 6 Klay”, we now know “No Twitter Klay”, and frankly this version is not bad either. Klay Thompson continues the big games, it’s string on string from a distance, and the Warriors are gradually returning to the race.

Hey, it looks like Golden State plays better when Stephen Curry isn’t the only one scoring. It’s amazing, I dare not believe it.

The Chief has not yet stopped his superhuman perfs in scoring, as evidenced by his 28 average points over the past week, but his teammates seem to have found the click to relaunch the Warriors’ season. And at the top of the list, we find the Splash Brother number 2.

Asked recently about the reasons for his new (and good) dynamic, Big Smokey attributed part of his success to… disconnection from social media. And if that’s indeed what Killa Klay’s percentages have been for lately, you have to admit that it’s devilishly effective: in his last six games, Thompson has averaged 23.2 points, 50.5% shooting and an indecent 52.5% from range, all while taking an average of almost 10 award-winning shots per game. Yesterday again, the sniper was acting up, with 21 points at 5/8 from a distance.

Friend Klay has apparently set the sights, and the Warriors thank him for it: the Klay threat activated, we can no longer decently ignore the sniper, and the game of the men of the bay is necessarily fluidified. Results ? A nice 5-2 since mid-November. A good series that the Warriors desperately needed after a first part of the season spent watching the Chief plant 40 every night without ever winning. With yesterday’s victory in the Minnesota Wolves’ den, Golden State recovers a positive record, and ninth place in the Western Conference. The defensive shortcomings are still real but the offense is rolling now, and the Warriors could well climb up the standings in rocket mode.

And what about the sequel in San Francisco? Two tricky confrontations to come, in Dallas then in reception of the Bulls, before also receiving Rockets, Pacers and finally going to visit the Jazz. A very good opportunity to start a big run which could very well bring them back to the top 6, taking advantage of injuries to the Clippers (who are compensating for the moment with a Zubac en mode prime Dwight) or a possible misfit of its current occupants.

Everyone has their own way of annoying Elon Musk: if some come directly from the boss of the blue bird, Klay prefers to cut Twitter and snap 40 the same evening. And, we’re not going to lie to each other, seeing Klay like that makes us all happy.

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