Heroic Bystander’s Tragic Rescue Attempt Ends in Drowning: Body Found Near Hippo Beach

2023-08-20 09:46:20

According to information from HLN, a passerby had already seen the teenager, who would be from Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, at sea on Saturday evening. He thought he heard someone screaming for help. The witness did not hesitate for a second and jumped into the water to save the person in distress. But a few breaststrokes further, the victim had disappeared.

The witness then called the emergency services to report what had happened. “The procedure for the drowning person was started immediately,” said Dennis Goes, Bredene local police commissioner. “The surface of the water was searched with lifeboats and we also used our drone to search from the air,” he adds.

After a few hours, the search was stopped. “It was too dark to continue. It was frightening for everyone to wait for a body to arrive, ”explains the commissioner.

It was this Sunday morning that the terrible discovery was made. It was a walker who found the lifeless body near the Hippo Beach beach club. “The body was four beach stations further than where the drowned man had disappeared. The link was made immediately, ”explains Dennis Goes.

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