“Hey Fun Pie 2” airs tonight, getting close to science in interesting “cold knowledge”

“Hey Fun Pie 2” airs tonight, getting close to science in interesting “cold knowledge”

2022-08-06 16:29:55Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News Tonight at 20:30, the first episode of the second season of the exploration variety show “Hi Fangpai” will be broadcast on Zhejiang Satellite TV. The old members such as Ren Jialun, Li Ronghao, Wei Daxun and new members Li Dan and Fan Chengcheng hilariously start a new one. A season of discovery. The reporter learned from the program team in advance that the first episode of the program will focus on the five senses and five senses, and enjoy science in interesting experiments.

Scientific research believes that human facial recognition always prioritizes the whole rather than the part, so the impression of the specific features of the five senses will be weaker. Is this really true? In this episode of the program, Hifang students will experience on-site games such as “Face Fight” to verify on-site.

Most people see the world from a first-person perspective every day, but they never feel what they look like in a third-person perspective. After the “Face Fight” game, Hifang students will also wear a VR all-in-one machine to experience the third-person observation of themselves. From a new perspective, daily activities such as high-fives and shooting are still difficult, and the students will also encounter advanced challenges – the first Driving a kart from three perspectives.

Human senses are divided into five senses: hearing, smell, taste, sight and touch, and each part has different sensitivities. In order to test the sensitivity of each sense, in this episode, the guests also conducted related tests through taste test paper and other methods. What’s more interesting is that through experiments, they also “developed” sensory “superpowers” that they never realized.

In the 1950s, physicist Hugh Everett proposed the bold “parallel universe” hypothesis. In this episode, a large experiment involving 100 people is also designed accordingly. The students need to search for “another me” in the huge square of 250 people. Can they understand the principle of the experiment and successfully find another “me”? ? Looking at the various possibilities displayed by the members of the phalanx, the students re-examined their life experiences so far. What life insights will they share? Tonight’s first episode of “Hi Fangpai 2”, I look forward to revealing the answer with the audience.

Text/Photo courtesy of Sun Huan, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Newspaper Industry

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