“Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah Calls for Understanding and Dialogue in Lebanon’s Presidential File”

2023-05-25 19:05:42

The Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, called for understanding, dialogue, and intensified contacts on the level of the presidential file in Lebanon.

During his speech, today, Thursday, on the anniversary of “liberation”, Nasrallah touched on the file of the governorship of the Banque du Liban, saying: “Either the current ruler, Riad Salameh, steps down, or the judiciary assumes his responsibility because a caretaker government does not have the power to appoint and dismiss constitutionally, and therefore understanding is required.” on the alternate mode.

Nasrallah stressed that the equation of the army, the people, and the resistance is an umbrella of protection for Lebanon, pointing out that this equation should not be neglected and that it should be removed from the “Byzantine controversy.” He added, “This equation protected Lebanon and provided security and safety for it.”

Regarding the issue of the displaced Syrians in Lebanon, Nasrallah believed that this file could be resolved through a decision to send a Lebanese government delegation to Syria for serious talks, considering that this matter contributes to the required treatment.

In the context of his speech, Nasrallah stressed that the major war in the region will lead the occupation entity to the abyss and its demise,” warning the enemy not to commit any miscalculation and not to take any adventure in any country that might lead to a major war, and added: “The Israelis have retracted their recent threats.” Because of the damage to tourism and the collapse of their shekel currency against the dollar, knowing that these threats came after the failure of the occupation to confront the process of revenge for the free people in Gaza.”

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He continued, “The Israelis failed to strengthen their deterrence and realized that they would pay the price for every attack. Likewise, the enemy’s internal front is weak and feeble, suffering from existential anxiety, in contrast to the resistance front, which is full of confidence and hope more than ever.”

Nasrallah pointed out that “Israel is now hiding behind walls and fire,” and said, “The enemy has become incapable of imposing its conditions in any negotiations with the Palestinian people.”

And on the occasion of “liberation,” Nasrallah said: “The victory of May 25 did not come for free, but it came as a result of long years of patience, endurance, and displacement, and the prices offered in this way were great and great.”

He added, “It is necessary to revive the occasion of May 25, because it is a great experience that our generations must be introduced to, and there are those who seek to neglect the victory of May, which was achieved, and we must prevent that.”

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