High Cholesterol and Abdominal Pain: Understanding the Link

2023-09-10 14:19:57

05:14 PM Sunday, September 10, 2023

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High cholesterol is considered a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, because it hinders the flow of oxygenated blood if it is deposited in the inner walls of the arteries.

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It is rumored that high cholesterol has negative effects on the health of the digestive system, as some people with it suffer from severe abdominal pain. What is the relationship between them?

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In the following lines, Al-Consulto reviews the relationship between high cholesterol and abdominal pain, according to the “Times of India” and “WebMD” websites.

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The relationship between high cholesterol and stomach pain

The process of producing cholesterol in the body is one of the vital functions responsible for the liver. If it produces it in quantities exceeding normal levels, bile will not be able to dissolve it, which leads to it turning into fatty stones in the gallbladder.

Abdominal pain is one of the warning signs of gallstones, especially if it occurs in the upper part near the diaphragm, and its effect extends to the lower back and right shoulder.

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Abdominal pain resulting from gallstones usually lasts from a few minutes to several hours, and is accompanied by a group of symptoms, most notably:

– Nausea.

– Vomiting.

– Flatulence.

– Indigestion.

– Gases.

– Intolerance to fatty foods.

When suffering from gallstones, a person does not necessarily feel stomach pain, because 80% of patients do not suffer from any warning symptoms.

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Please note that stomach pain may be a side effect of cholesterol medications, which also cause:

– Vomiting.

– Headache.

– Dizziness.

– Sleepiness.

– Tired.

– Sleep problems.

– Rash or skin redness.

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