Hiljemark shakes the bag: The captain is benched

HORSES:It’s almost win or lose for AaB when the team plays against AC Horsens at Casa Arena at 2 p.m.

It is also the first match after the dismissal of Erik Hamrén. This means a comeback as head coach for Oscar Hiljemark, who managed to get three games as interim boss last season.

For Sunday’s fateful match, Hiljemark has announced that AaB will go over the steppes and attack the match. In continuation of that announcement, his first starting line-up has been met with some excitement, as it has been difficult to decipher which formation and which crew will be brought into play.

He has retained Theo Sander in goal, while at first glance it looks like a back chain consisting of Kristoffer Pallesen on the right. In central defense there is room for Lars Kramer and Rasmus Thelander, while Daniel Granli is benched in favor of Jakob Ahlmann.

In the middle, it is Malthe Højholt and Iver Fossu who have found grace for Hiljemark’s critical gaze.

In the front line of AaB’s 4-2-3-1 formation are Allan Sousa, Younes Bakiz and Louka Prip, while Helenius is right up front.

Remember you can follow a live blog here on the page during the match.

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