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Himalayas visible for the first time in decades from a great distance


Because of the corona virus, India is largely at a standstill. In the country of over 1.3 billion people, most factories have stopped working to curb the spread of the virus. Road traffic has also decreased significantly. This harms the economy, but nature benefits: Air pollution in India is as low as it has been for a long time. Since the smog has decreased over the cities, even the Himalayas can be seen again from a greater distance.

On Twitter, users from India report that after a long time they could see the summit chains again with the naked eye – sometimes from hundreds of kilometers away. A user tweeted a picture that, according to him, was taken 200 kilometers as the crow flies from the mountains. The Himalayas are now recognizable for the first time in 30 years.

Corona virus restrictions: Air pollution drops significantly

Former cricket pro Harbhajan Singh also showed a similar picture on his Twitter account, taken from his house in Jalandhar, also hundreds of kilometers away from the mountains. “I could never have imagined that this would be possible,” he commented on the sight of the impressive mountains. “A clear sign of what our pollution did to Mother Earth.”

“We can clearly see the snow-capped mountains from our roofs,” said Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal, who also documented the view with a tweet, the Indian portal “SBS Hindi”. In addition, the stars can finally be seen again at night. In the past few years, the sky had always been covered by a thick layer of smog.

No all-clear for the climate

According to a report by the Ministry of the Environment, air pollution in the capital city of Delhi had dropped by 44 percent within a day of the lockdown. The measures initially apply until mid-April and should then be eased again slowly. Air pollution has also decreased in major cities in Europe and China as a result of curfews.

According to the World Meteorological Organization, this “probably has very little impact on the climate”. The effect is likely to be of limited duration. It is foreseeable that CO2 emissions will rise again as soon as the pandemic is over and the global economy starts up again, the organization said.

Sources: “SBS Hindi” / Ministry of Health report


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