Hina Parvez Butt’s Big Mistake Caught, Storms Social Media – Life & Style

When celebrities upload pictures on social media, they are not only praised but also criticized.

Something similar has happened to Pakistan Muslim League-N leader and member of assembly Hina Parvez Butt.

Recently, pictures were uploaded on behalf of Hina Parvez Butt, in which she is seen sitting in a meeting.

While sharing the details, Hina Parvez Butt said that during a meeting in China.

However, this picture is getting an interesting and surprising response from the users.

One user wrote, “Too busy,” and zoomed in on a photo of Hina Parvez Butt, which showed her drawing something with a pencil, claiming that she was wasting paper just to pass the time. had been

However, a user uploaded another picture, in which Hina Parvez Butt had written something on a blank page.