Actor Javier Sáenz Opens Up About Battle with Depression, Financial Struggle, and Overcoming Adversity

2023-12-11 22:34:13

In the middle of an emotional interview, the actor Javier Sáenz told one of his most difficult moments that he had to live through and due to which he fell into a depression to the point of wanting to make an attempt on his life. The artist remembered for productions such as Esclava Blanca, recounted his difficult experience in an interview with the La Red Caracol program.

Inspired by his mother, actress María Eugenia Penagos, the artist became interested in the stage and dramaturgy, which is why he participated in several projects on the small screen, many of which earned him fame and admiration. other of his colleagues. However, his taste for this art not only stayed there, but the actor wanted to open his own production company with which he said he had done very well, but after a series of mistakes, the artist assured that he ended up owing more than a billion of pesos.

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“I was accumulating a series of errors and that was not paying certain debts on time, a la Dian or deferring payments to suppliers. One day the bomb exploded, I realized that he was in debt, we are talking about 25 years ago, with a debt of 1.2 billion pesos,” Sáenz said.

During the same interview, the actor said that seeing himself so in debt made him want to take his life: “Horrible thoughts come to you, it scares you so deeply that there comes a moment where you are no longer able to face everyone and Plus, everyone wants to take advantage of you. Then they see that you have no money and they want your things.”

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According to what the actor mentioned, spirituality and closeness to God was one of the things that helped him the most to cope with the crisis: “I believe that he (God) gave me the strength to look for each person to tell them when to tell them. I can pay, but let me continue working with your teams. In short, it was showing your face.” Furthermore, he said that his wife was one of the people who gave him the most support and who helped him organize his finances, since one of the apartments that he had bought for his daughters was repossessed.

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The actor assured that he had to reconcile with the people to whom he owed money and ask Dian to allow him to sell the property to pay the debts: “I didn’t look for Dian, I looked for the people, I looked for the hearts of the people. people, I achieved exceptions, not of the debt, I achieved procedural exceptions, but in the end they were legal. That gave us a lot of peace, because that apartment that was repossessed, I found someone to buy it for me.”

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But despite the dark moment, today the reality of the actor is different, because he was able to fulfill his responsibilities, since people believed in his honesty: “Today it sounds easy, but it was a very strong time in my life, because the enemy is so dirty that the first thing one thinks about is death, suicide, I’m not going to get out of this, here I stayed, the dreams are over and today I can tell you that my life is absolutely normal, happy, I have three daughters, what “I can ask for more from life.”

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